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Titanium bars

Types Dimension (mm) Condition Specifications Pictures
Bars Forged bars: Dia.(26-300)x <4000mm

Rolled bars Dia.(6-25)x < 4000 mm
Forged & rolled ASTM B 348,
F 67,F 136
AMS 4928
Grade 1,2,3,4,5,7,9,12,23
Titanium Rod & Bar Products List
Product AMS ASTM 6.0-12.7-25.4-76.0mm Condition
CP Grade-1 N/A B348 Gr-1,
F67 Gr-1
* Annealed or Cold Drawn
CP Grade-2 N/A B348 Gr-2,
F67 Gr-2
* Annealed or Cold Drawn
CP Grade-3 N/A B348 Gr-3,
F67 Gr-3
* Annealed or Cold Drawn
CP Grade-4 4921 B348 Gr-4,
F67 Gr-4
* Annealed or Cold Drawn
Ti-6Al-4V 4928 B348 Gr-5,
* Annealed
Ti-6Al-4V ELI 4930 B348 Gr-23,
* Annealed
Ti-3Al-2.5V 4943 B348 Gr-9 * Annealed or Cold Drawn
Ti-0.2Pd N/A B348 Gr-7 * Annealed or Cold Drawn
Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni N/A B348 Gr-12 * Annealed or Cold Drawn

We supply titanium bars produced either from customers’ materials or from our own titanium ingots. Our titanium bars can be produced in fellowing standards: ASTM B348,F67,F136, AMS 4928,MIT-9047,DIN,3.7025,3.7035,3.7165. Our plant produce titanium bars by our melting titanium ingots and working into hot rolled titanium bars, forged titanium bars, titanium machined bars.