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Titanium ingot

Types Dimension (mm) SPECIFICATIONS Picture
INGOTS Nominal Diameter (mm) Φ 300—800 (+/-15mm
Weight (KG) 260—5000(+/-5%)
ASTM B348, B381, B265
GRADE –1, 2 & 5
SLABS (150~300)T x ≤ 9 00W x ≤ 60 00L (+/-12.5mm)
2 faces and 2 sides are machined

Manufacture of titanium ingots and titanium slabs ASTM C.P. and Ti6Al/4V, ASTM Grade 5, on TIPRO VAR melting system.

Titanium ingots manufactured at our mill are supplied for further production of titanium bars to industrial enterprises in Europe countries,North America,South America,Asia.